Thursday, January 29, 2015

Buying wholesale items at Sam's Club and Costco for Resale on eBay

This can be done with some success.  It is not by any means enough for most full time sellers.  I have had some success with doing this and have been doing it a long time - 10+ years.

My biggest purchase and still probably one of my all time great sellers used to be the Hickory Farms Taste of the Holidays Meat & Cheese sets.  I typed that title so many times!  Its been 4+ years since I did anything with those since the price at Sam's Club kept going up and the competition and price on eBay kept going down.  This was a seasonal holiday item they and they usually started selling good in October/November through the Christmas season.  The price at Sam's Club was $9. something probably $9.94.  I would get $29.95 to $35.00 during the holiday season.  I would also offer direct shipping to the recipient and include a greeting card if the buyer requested.  I sold hundreds of these for a couple years.

If your going to buy items for resale at Sam's Club of course you want to be setup with a tax exempt business membership.  For me in Virginia it saves anywhere from 3% to 5% tax.  If memory serves me correctly without looking it up right now food is 3% while non-food and regular items is 5%.  That 5% definitely adds up.  You may get some strange looks and even some cashiers will question your purchases as really being tax exempt.  I just tell them like it is I am a reseller on eBay (and previously retail convenience store, etc.) and I sell just about anything I can make money on.

This finally brings me to my recent purchases at Sam's Club and the subject of this post.  I was in Richmond Virginia for an appointment the other day and always try to stop in Sam's Club when I am in the area.  Since I live in a fairly rural location the closest Sam's Club is about 50 minute drive.  If I lived close to a Sam's Club or Costco I would pursue buying items for resale a lot more often.

The sweet thing about it and the thing that the big retail chains hate is returns.  Well I don't know if they hate returns or not but I love it.  When buying items for resale at a wholesale club you can RETURN THE ITEM's if they do not sell!  If you have the money to invest in the inventory and have it tied up for a while you pretty much have no risk in trying different products out.  Sam's Club has a 90 day return policy on items - this includes all the electronics, TV's, computers/parts, watches. etc.

Here is what I recently purchased at Sam's Club and will be listing on eBay shortly:

Lucky Jeans Men's 181 Relaxed Straight: Cost $9.81

Expect to get $30-$40

UPDATE - SOLD Jan 31, 2015 for $39.00 my asking price plus $5.00 for shipping.  Link to sale:

Monster MVP Carbon Ultra Hi-Definition EA Sports Gaming Headphones - Cost $39.81

Result:  Did not sell and returned to store

Monster Headphones:  I figured from researching sold items and the price point for these new in box I would do good with them.  I listed them fixed price with make offer option.  I started them at $69.00.  This is something I wanted anyway for myself so I purchased two pairs.  I had them listed somewhere between 3-4 weeks and lowered the price several times with no luck.  I kept one pair for myself and ended up returning the other pair a few days ago.  

I do have the pair I opened and used/tested still for sale on eBay for $49.99:  

I must say I was a little disappointed in the quality of these headphones when used on an Xbox 360 for communication.  I plan to write a review on these in a future blog post.

UPDATE - You can't give these things away for some reason.  Sam's Club further cut the price upon my last visit to $29.xx.  I have the pair I was going to keep for myself listed at $35.00.  No activity hardly at all - no offers - nada.

Monster Digital On-The-Go Mobile Cloud Wi-Fi Wireless - Cost $19.81

Result:  SOLD $32.00

This is just a sample of some of the merchandise.  I purchased a lot more cloths and will update in future posts.  I buy things that I like, I want, I wear - my sizes when I am shopping for resale merchandise at a big box store like Sam's Club, Wal-Mart, Target, Etc.  Totally different buying strategy is used at a Thrift Store - Goodwill, etc.  

Hope this post provides some information and insight for you.  Both of these electronics - the headset and mobile cloud items were marked down heavily.  They appear to be holiday inventory that needs to be moved.  I noticed that the price of these items on eBay is dropping as well.  

As always I would love to hear from someone who is actually reading one of my articles.  Please let me know if you have gotten any useful information.  I am happy to answer any questions.  Please subscribe and post comments below.

If your wanting to check out my eBay inventory here is the link to my primary account:

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  1. I appreciate the feedback thank you. I have gotten away from posting on the written blog and do YouTube Videos now. Check out my YouTube channel!

  2. I appreciate the feedback thank you. I have gotten away from posting on the written blog and do YouTube Videos now. Check out my YouTube channel!

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    1. Thanks so much appreciate the feedback. Check out my YouTube channel and subscribe! If your interested in eBay reseller stuff, hauls, sales, etc.